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Ultrasound Lends Reliability to Flexible Couplings

Allan Rienstra | International Business Development, SDT International
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5 years ago

Thank you for this article, Allan.

If I were using a SDT-270 in “Trouble-Shooting Mode”, how would you describe the indications I need to look for in order to establish that some damage mechanism is taking place in a coupling?

Again, thanks a lot

About the Author

Allan Rienstra International Business Development, SDT International

Allan Rienstra is the director of business development for SDT International, a Brussels based manufacture of ultrasound solutions comprised of hardware, software, training, and consulting. A 27-year commitment to ultrasound applications has seen Rienstra play a leading role in the deployment of ultrasound-based solutions in 5 continents. He is the co-author of “Hear More, A Guide to Using Ultrasound for Leak Detection and Condition Monitoring.”

Rienstra lives in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada with his wife and two sons. For more information please visit