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Video Vibration Analysis: an Invaluable Tool

Theresa Girard | Sales & Distribution Manager, ERBESSD Instruments

Video Vibration Analysis has proven to be an invaluable tool for reliability professionals to assist in visualizing common faults like:

-looseness, and more.

One of the biggest challenges associated with this technology is the typical overall size and form factor of the video vibration analysis equipment. Imagine having the capability to identify, diagnose, and develop a corrective action plan associated with the fault with nothing more than a mobile device.

Using your mobile phone’s high definition, slow-motion recording functionality and a native mobile application, or the complete Microsoft Windows software users of DragonVision from ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS are able to quickly and easily record, and diagnose complex machine failure modes, develop video deflection models, and establish a corrective action plan to resolve the matter once and for all.

Another common issue associated with video vibration technology is related to lighting. When fluorescent lighting is present analysts often find themselves challenged with line frequency propagation into their video deflection models. This common issue is easily resolved within DragonVision by applying a stationary reference to the model, thus eliminating the inherent “flicker” associated with lighting line frequency.

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Theresa Girard Sales & Distribution Manager, ERBESSD Instruments

Theresa has experience in engineering Channel management, with a proven track record of senior-level executive support, management, and training. She has a strong ability to streamline processes, maximize efficiency, and foster professional relationships within organizations. Her philosophy centers around what role she can play in helping others find solutions. She is committed to excellence in service, customer relations, and always practices personal accountability in the workplace.