In-situ Balancing of Rotating Machinery

Sven Fleischer | Area Sales Manager, Easy-Laser AB
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Speaker: Mr. Sven Fleischer

This course will inform about routine vibration check, root cause analysis and focusing on diagnosing imbalance on rotating machines. We demonstrate balance norms and references. You can learn how to perform dynamic balancing with vibration instruments to reduce the stress on machines and bearings. This includes the work preparation and fundamentals of 1-plane and 2-plane in-situ balancing.

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Yazeed Al-saif
Yazeed Al-saif
4 years ago

In the beginning, I want to thank you for the valuable information that you are sharing.

I have a question that is related to that vibxpert 2 device.
In the key phaser option, there is two option to chose from (Incoming and outcoming) what is the difference between them.
and what do they Influence

4 years ago
Reply to  Yazeed Al-saif

Hello, the laser optical speed measurement is used to know and control the speed but even more and especially for balancing the machine, it is an reference point on the rotating shaft. The reflecting label, a sticking stripe, marks an position on the shaft and defines a 0deg position or #1. The VIBXPERT I or II applies this reference and determines the phase angle from reference to the vibration high spot. It provides then an phase angle where to place the trial weight and all following balance weights are related to this reference, the reflecting tape. The optical sensor recognizes… Read more »

About the Author

Sven Fleischer Area Sales Manager, Easy-Laser AB

Sven has worked for more than 20 years in the Machinery-Reliability Business. He started with the PRUFTECHNIK Group in Germany as an engineer, and he built on his experience with field services and vibration troubleshooting analysis. In recent years, Sven consults customers and supports sales channels in the Asia-Pacific region throughout Singapore. As one of the technology leaders for the intelligent measurement systems, PRUFTECHNIK helps to optimize production and increase machine availability. Sven is an authorized Instructor for ISO Vibration Analysis courses in Singapore.