Vibration Sensor Cabling Considerations

Tom LaRocque | Director of Product Management, Wilcoxon
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Webinar Description:

Selecting the right cable assembly for a vibration sensor is highly dependent on the environment in which the sensor will operate. In a rugged industrial setting, a cable assembly may be called on to protect against water or dust ingress, extreme temperatures, corrosive elements, sharp objects, EMI, RFI, and radiation. In this webinar, you will learn to select the cable, protection level, and connector fittings to ensure data reliability in your unique plant environment.

Learning Takeaways:

1. Match your cable assembly to your vibration sensor and data acquisition system.

2. Match your cable assembly to your plant conditions.

3. Achieve reliable transmission of your condition monitoring data in any environment.

About the Presenters: 

· As the Director of Product and Project Management at Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies, Tom LaRocque is a technical leader and the driving force behind innovative vibration monitoring solutions that are shaping the future. For over 25 years, Tom has focused on design and development of industrial vibration sensing products, while developing product lines and manufacturing processes that deliver strong advantages, save time and optimize resources. His priority is continuing Wilcoxon’s six-decades-long legacy of bringing high quality, reliable vibration monitoring solutions and accessories to market that improve manufacturing processes and maximize efficient plant operations. Tom holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Clarkson University.

· Peter Eitnier is a Senior Applications Engineer at Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies in Frederick, Maryland. He holds an ISO CAT II certification as a vibration analyst and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland. Since joining Wilcoxon in 2012, he has specialized in providing technical expertise to customers in a variety of applications.

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About the Author

Tom LaRocque Director of Product Management, Wilcoxon

Tom LaRocque is a Director Product and Project Management at Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies in Frederick, Maryland. He has worked on the design and development of vibration sensors and accessories for the industrial vibration market for over 20 years, focusing primarily on engineering and business development. Since joining Wilcoxon in 2015, he has concentrated on the development of products and technologies, driving new product designs and introduction, and supporting marketing and business development.