Low Speed Bearing Vibration Monitoring Application in Wind Turbines

Sophia Sieg-Zieba | Project Manager, CETIM

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About the Author

Sophia Sieg-Zieba Project Manager, CETIM

Sophie SIEG-ZIEBA graduated, more than 20 years ago, from University of Technology of Compiegne (France) as Mechanical Engineer, specialized in Acoustics and Vibrations. She then received a PhD in System Control, focusing on signal processing and data analysis for monitoring in industrial applications.

She is currently working as a project manager at CETIM (Technical Center for Mechanical Industries), in the Noise and Vibrations Department. Her main fields of experience are machine diagnosis and monitoring based on vibration analysis, dynamic analysis of machines, condition monitoring and signal processing. At CETIM she is in charge of research projects, consulting activities and continuous training for industrial. She is also involved in standardization, as French representative in the ISO TC 108/SC5 committee, dealing with condition monitoring.