Ultrasound Provides Inspection Insight

Bob Dunn | Expert in Predictive Maintenance, I&E Central, Inc.

On a recent plant visit, our solutions provider Bob Dunn with I&E Central, Inc. used the SDT 270 ultrasound instrument and a contact sensor to inspect and capture waveforms on a series of valves on an automated manufacturing machine. The results were a revelation!

These valves open every 0.25 seconds and pass a brief pulse of air into the process. There were six valves, a 3-second signal was acquired on each. When we viewed the .wav files, one was significantly different from the rest,  4 examples are shown. Valve # 5 was passing a “double” pulse on most of its cycles.

Comparing signatures or levels on like components is a valuable diagnostic approach. At this point, the underlying cause has not been determined, but it is likely a worn component, and the valve should at the least be inspected further and possibly replaced. The failure of one of these valves would stop production on a high speed automated line.

Properly applied, ultrasound gives you great insight into many types of assets!

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About the Author

Bob Dunn Expert in Predictive Maintenance, I&E Central, Inc.

Extensive experience in industrial maintenance test equipment and technologies, particularly where related to asset reliability.

Since 2001 I have owned my own distribution/rep business and work as a technical sales rep serving industrial maintenance professionals. We specialize in predictive maintenance (PdM) and condition monitoring technologies, and serve customers in New York, Pennsylvania, New England, and part of Ohio.

Specialties: Laser alignment and geometric measurement, Vibration Analysis and monitoring hardware, Infrared Thermography- both cameras and IR viewing windows, Motor Circuit Analysis, Ultrasonic Inspection, Power Quality and Energy Analysis, light system integration.

I&E Central is the exclusive LUDECA Solutions partner for NY, Eastern PA, and all New England states. LUDECA, Inc. is a leading supplier of Predictive, and Proactive Maintenance Solutions including laser shaft alignment, induction heating, vibration analysis, balancing, online condition monitoring and ultrasound testing as well as related software, rentals, training and services.