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Shaft Alignment 101: Offset & Angularity

Shaft alignment is a critical aspect of machinery maintenance, with the stationary shaft and movable shaft needing to be precisely aligned to avoid potential failures. In a typical setup, the movable shaft is adjusted relative to the stationary shaft to ensure alignment within machinery tolerances. This process involves careful measurement and adjustment, as demonstrated in the video, that alternates between 3D and graphical views.

In the graphical view, each square represents specific measurements, with horizontal squares indicating inches and vertical squares representing five one-thousandths of an inch. The alignment process begins by marking the positions of key points on both stationary and movable machinery. By introducing offset misalignment, the video illustrates how raising the front and back feet of the movable machine equally by 20 thou results in parallel shafts but no angular misalignment.

However, inducing both offset and angular misalignment by raising only the back feet by 20 thou presents a different scenario. The video explains angularity as the rise over run, with careful examination of the graph revealing the need to adjust for both offset and angular misalignment to achieve proper shaft alignment. This detailed analysis underscores the complexity of shaft alignment and the importance of precise adjustments for optimal machinery performance.

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