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Procedure to Diagnose Machine Imbalance

Sven Fleischer | Area Sales Manager, Easy-Laser AB

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Komani Mhango
Komani Mhango
5 years ago

We have Vibxpert// machine and we have registered on balancing but I have not done practice on it and training as well however looking at the process you are showing , do I need to have a software or else what do I need to have in place . Otherwise I find it very important because if I can be balancing equipments then it will be of great importance than just fixing problems at a later stage.

5 years ago
Reply to  Komani Mhango

Dear Komani Mhango, using PRUFTECHNIK’s VIBXPERT II with feature for balancing (1/2 plane), you can use the existing sensors VIB 6.142 (by default in package) or VIB 6.147 (more sensitive in vibration amplitude, as additional option), together with the laser tachometer. Then you are good to go. No additional software needed. To get the reports out of the instrument, you can use VIBXPERT Utility program (on our webpage to download). Other options are an connector to USB memory (optional to buy). All data on the VIBXPERT II, also the balancing files, can be transfer into OMNITREND or OMNITREND Center software.… Read more »

About the Author

Sven Fleischer Area Sales Manager, Easy-Laser AB

Sven has worked for more than 20 years in the Machinery-Reliability Business. He started with the PRUFTECHNIK Group in Germany as an engineer, and he built on his experience with field services and vibration troubleshooting analysis. In recent years, Sven consults customers and supports sales channels in the Asia-Pacific region throughout Singapore. As one of the technology leaders for the intelligent measurement systems, PRUFTECHNIK helps to optimize production and increase machine availability. Sven is an authorized Instructor for ISO Vibration Analysis courses in Singapore.