Integrating Multiple CBM Technologies into Your Reliability Program

Jason Tranter | Founder & CEO, Mobius Institute
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There are three ways to run a condition monitoring department. You can operate in separate groups, each with their own opinion of the health of the equipment based on their chosen technology. You can become more integrated where at least there is a shared view of the health of an asset. But the best approach, in the author’s opinion, is where you take it one extra step: ensure the program is based on an analysis of the failure modes, ensure decisions are based on an assessment of the asset’s criticality, ensure that the people receiving the information understand what to do with that information, and provide one clear statement of asset health that is accessible to everyone who needs it. This presentation will discuss the pros and cons of each approach and explain how to achieve the optimum state.

Learning Takeaways:

1. Understand the benefits of operating a truly integrated condition monitoring program

2. How (in brief) to ensure the best decisions are being taken

3. How to ensure that all practitioners are able to speak a common condition monitoring language

4. How to share asset health information

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Jason Tranter Founder & CEO, Mobius Institute

Jason Tranter is the founder and CEO of Mobius Institute. Jason is the author of the majority of the Mobius Institute training courses and e-learning products covering reliability improvement, condition monitoring, and precision maintenance topics. Over 43,000 people (as of 2021) have been formally trained in these courses, and many thousands more have been educated via the elearning courses. Plus, thousands have read articles, attended conference presentations, and watched videos and webinars on many sites, including cbmconnect.com, reliabilityconnect.com, Mobiusconnect.com and YouTube (over 1.3 million views).