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Forrest Pardue | President, 24/7
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Do your condition monitoring analysts find & report equipment problems, only to see that equipment still fail in-service? All too often CBM programs plateau once they reach technical proficiency and do not develop the communication and accountability processes that actually improve plant reliability.  For technically mature CBM programs to break through the wall, they must focus on effectively communicating with maintenance and operations, developing ‘team accountability’ for appropriate follow-up on reported problems. Join Forrest Pardue as he discusses why mature CBM programs plateau and learn important steps to break through plateaus and make real gains in plant asset reliability. 

Learning takeaways:

1) How to impose standardization on all technologies for location names, fault codes, & severity levels

2) How to integrate the results of all CBM technologies in a browser-based dashboard of problems 

3) How to promote communication and accountability through ‘Red Meetings’ 


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About the Author

Forrest Pardue President, 24/7

Forrest has worked in the field of vibration analysis and production maintenance more than thirty years.  Forrest was one of the founding members of CSI and has been very actively involved in the technical and market development of predictive condition monitoring technologies.

In 1998 Forrest co-founded 24/7 Systems.  24/7 Systems’ founders realized that the biggest needs facing industrial maintenance had shifted to the measurement, management, and improvement of plant machinery reliability.  24/7 Systems is focused on the development of strategic equipment management software and services.