Editorial Board Spotlight – Tim De Block

Tim De Block | Managing Director, Fyraco Solutions

Tim, how did you start your career?

I graduated (in Belgium) as an Industrial Engineer and made a script in my internship about vibration. Shortly afterwards, I started working for the company who I made the script for. In Belgium, a student must spend your last year in a practical internship prior to graduation.

Fast forward to today, what do you think some of needs are in the industry?

In my opinion, a lot of companies aren’t fully aware of the latest possibilities of PDM (what is on the market and what they can do). And for the companies who know what is available, I’ve found that they don’t usually know HOW to start in a good manner. PDM is a long-term kind of maintenance approach and therefore, a vision is needed.

What condition monitoring technologies look the most promising to you?

So long as you have experience, I think vibration is the way to go. Augmented Reality and IoT seem like great added value to an existing CM program.

What are the biggest trends in the industry that you see these days?

I feel that Artificial intelligence and IoT is the future and will only continue to grow.

What are your goals as you continue your journey in the condition monitoring industry?

My goal is to continue sharing my knowledge and experience with industry professionals and guide them to implementing long-term CBM programs. I feel strongly that if we continue to keep our minds open and combine new techniques with classic vibration analysis, that success is irrefutable.

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About the Author

Tim De Block Managing Director, Fyraco Solutions

Tim De Block is Managing director at the office of Fyraco Solutions. A company dedicated to predictive maintenance. Fyraco Solutions helps maintenance managers, by implementing predictive maintenance, to reduce maintenance costs.

Tim lives in a small town Stabroek, Belgium. He has a wife and two children.