Does Artificial Intelligence Dream of Vibration Spectra?

Ed Spence | Managing Director, The Machine Instrumentation Group
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With the advent of AI and machine learning offering automated diagnostics, will vibration analysts become a thing of the past or will they remain the unsung heroes behind the scenes? In the 3rd installment of their wireless vibration sensor journey; Matthew Moore and Ed Spence are joined by predictive monitoring data scientist Dr David Siegel, to discuss the vibration analysis capabilities of AI and machine learning. Topics include juxtaposition between how humans and AI are trained in vibration analysis, and how data needs to be prepared and presented to facilitate diagnostics. Targeted at vibration analysts and solution providers alike, our discussion will reveal what can realistically be achieved with automated vibration diagnostics.

Learning Takeaways:
1. How humans and artificial intelligence are trained in vibration analysis.
2. How humans and artificial intelligence approach vibration diagnostics.
3. How will humans and artificial intelligence need to work together as technology advances.

About the Presenters:
Matthew Moore is a Global Subject Matter Expert in Condition Monitoring with over 25 years of experience in the field of vibration and condition monitoring within the Oil & Gas industry and is a certified Mobius Institute Category IV vibration analyst and training partner.
Ed Spence is the Founder and Managing Director of The Machine Instrumentation Group, a consultant representing a network of consulting and contract engineering service providers with expertise in Condition Monitoring, sensor design, signal processing and data engineering.
Dr. David Siegel is currently the chief technology officer for Predictronics Corp. His current role includes developing the technology road map for the companies predictive monitoring software and service solutions, developing new algorithms and methodologies, and much more.

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About the Author

Ed Spence Managing Director, The Machine Instrumentation Group

Ed Spence is the Founder and Managing Director of The Machine Instrumentation Group, a collaborative network of contract engineering service providers helping clients define and develop new sensors for machine health applications.

Previously, Ed was the Marketing Manager for Analog Devices MEMS Sensor Technology Group, where he defined the MEMS accelerometer roadmap for vibration based Condition Monitoring, winning an Innovation Award at Sensors Expo 2017 for the flagship ADXL1002 MEMS
accelerometer. Ed has been engaged in the development of Condition Monitoring sensor solutions since 2008, and has worked in the semiconductor industry since 1989. Ed has published or presented on the subject of sensors and CBM on numerous occasions.

Ed serves on the board of The Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology, and is a member of the Vibration Institute, The Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals and The Society for Prognostics, Health and Maintenance. Ed also provides volunteer business consulting with non-profit IBEC Ventures. Ed holds a BSEE degree from the University of Lowell.