Vibration: A Very Broad Technology

Don Sanger | Senior Application Engineer, IVC Technology

Whenever I overhear people state that ultrasonics captured a problem that vibration didn’t, it always makes me wonder if they know enough about vibration technology and vibration analysis or whether they are just repeating what they’ve heard from others over the years? Before accepting this statement as fact, you too may want to pause and ask several basic application questions.


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About the Author

Don Sanger Senior Application Engineer, IVC Technology

After serving 20 honorable years in the submarine service Don decided to retire from the US Navy and continue working on his trade. Prior to joining IVC Technologies as Regional Manager for the Carolina region, he worked for a motor rewind shop. Don was soon promoted to Senior Application Engineer of IVC Technologies Application Engineering Group, specializing in vibration analysis and high-tech process solutions.

Because of Don’s knowledge and experience, he is able to design customer specific programs addressing equipment issues using multiple technologies. At IVC Technologies we proudly promote Don as part of our team and continue to look forward to all of his integral contributions.