Ultrasound Case Studies in Practice

Christopher Hallum | Regional Manager UK & Ireland, UE Systems Europe B.V.

Webinar Description:
This webinar will demonstrate practical case studies on ultrasound technology for predictive maintenance, such as on the following industries:
– Cement industry
– Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
– Food and Beverages Manufacturing
– Board Manufacturing.
From state-of-the-art ultrasound detection instruments to world-class training and support, UE Systems has been leading the ultrasonic inspection revolution for the past 35 years. Over this period, we have seen our clients save millions of euros in production loss prevention, energy conservation, and overall asset availability.

In this webinar, we will go through a few recent case studies on the use of ultrasound technology such as the UltraView cameras or the Ultraprobes. This short webinar may save you thousands of euros tomorrow.

The industry case studies will cover the following applications:

– Ultrasound analysis for condition-based lubrication
– Bearing condition monitoring with ultrasound
– Ultrasonic leak detection
– Steam trap & valve inspection
– Partial discharge detection
– Remote bearing monitoring and precision lubrication.

About the Presenter:
Having spent over 13 years with HM Royal Air Force as an Electrical Engineer and Trainer, Chris has strived through his career to provide improvements to industry.
Gaining Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional status, he has used these skills to help industry improve their Energy Management Programs and add Improvements to overall Reliability of their plants via the use of Ultrasound Technology in combination with other best practices to achieve these gains.
Over the past 6 years and currently, he has been helping companies to optimize their maintenance programs, reduce downtime and reduce energy waste. Typical applications would include:
• Leak detection from compressed air/gases
• Steam trap testing to improve energy usage
• Passing valves
• Bearing failure / Correct lubrication practices
• Electrical inspections

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About the Author

Christopher Hallum Regional Manager UK & Ireland, UE Systems Europe B.V.

An experienced electrical engineer with 13 years experience in the Royal Air Force. Qualifying as a technical trainer in his time, teaching many engineering principles and gaining qualifications and experience in Railway Signalling Engineering, teaching the railway engineers of the future. Highly knowledgeable and motivated, gaining Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional status. In the past few years he has began to spread the knowledge of Ultrasound as a tool to aid in predictive maintenance strategies in every industry.