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Shaft Alignment Know-How: Installation

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    Many equipment failures occur during what is called the infant mortality period—in other words, soon after machines are first put in service—and are due to poor installation. The foundation must be able to withstand the mass of the equipment and any operational load stresses and vibration that the machines will generate. Once we ensure that it is well prepared, flat, and level, we can mount the base plant upon it and properly bolt it or grout it to the foundation, and ensure that it too is flat and level. With the base plate in place, the rotating equipment should be centered horizontally upon it, and an equal number of shims placed under each foot, while keeping the required axial gap. Installing jack bolts is also recommended to facilitate horizontal movement of the machines. Finally, all anchor bolts on the machines should be tightened to the proper torque. Likewise, all pipe fittings should be completed without imposing any stress on the machines. When machinery is properly installed and given reasonable maintenance, the asset’s operating life should meet or exceed its life expectancy. A precision alignment of the machines to proper tolerances is required before releasing the asset to operations and being put in service. We look forward to serving your maintenance and reliability needs. Keep it running!

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5 years ago

hola, una vez realizada la alineación y apretados los anchor bolts, los jack bolts que permiten el movimiento horizontal del motor, ¿deben estar separados de la pata del motor?

Adam Stredel
5 years ago


Si. Los jack bolts deberian separarse del motor para no casuar presion a las patas, y distorsionar el motor. Tambien es recomendable para dejar que el motor se expanda debido a crecimiento termico.

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