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Most Common Types of 1x Peaks and What They Mean

Reinier Kalp | CAT 3 Vibration analyst, Wearcheck Africa

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About the Author

Reinier Kalp CAT 3 Vibration analyst, Wearcheck Africa

I started my journey in condition monitoring about 5 years ago. I found all the principles of condition monitoring fascinating and developed a passion for my job.
Over the years I have gained a lot of experience in a lot of different industries. I have worked on a lot mines, surface and underground. Paper mills. Glass factories.
Power plants and many more. At the end of 2016 I passed my CAT 1 course and in August 2018 I passed CAT 2. I am also busy studying to obtain my diploma in mechanical
engineering. I am currently permanently situated on a platinum refinery where I am responsible for vibration data capturing. The analysis and report writing of said data. I also do
industrial oil sampling, transformer oil sampling, thermography inspections and laser alignments.