Machine Learning, Sensors, and AI- What’s the Scoop?

Anil Lakhlan | Regional Manager- Business Development, Sensoteq

Today, we sit down with Anil Lakhlan from Sensoteq to discuss machine learning and AI technology, along with sensors and vibration analysis. No matter how big or small your company is, or what products or services you provide, reliability should be at the center of your focus according to Anil. Proper planning and knowing what tools are needed will help keep costs down and things running smoothly.

Tune in to hear more!

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About the Author

Anil Lakhlan Regional Manager- Business Development, Sensoteq

Anil Lakhlan is the Regional Manager in the Middle East for Sensoteq. He is a CAT-III Vibration Analyst & Level-I UT. By using his technical expertise, he helps his customers by increasing the reliability of their machinery. He stands with them as their reliable partner to achieve their goal of zero unplanned breakdowns.