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How Technology Helps With Condition Monitoring

Warren Wu | Growth Manager, UpKeep

How Software Improves Condition Monitoring

Efficient condition monitoring requires the use of technology and the right software. The right software will consolidate data for facility managers giving them the data needed to implement more efficient condition monitoring programs. It also allows management to see the changes they need to make from reviewing reports. Maintenance management software will also give users from all teams the ability to learn more about the process of various maintenance teams and improve production.

Centralizes Condition Monitoring Data

Easily utilizing the data of your condition monitoring program is important, which is why computerized maintenance management software was created. These computerized maintenance management software programs or CMMS programs work to allow firms to monitor the data that they collect easily. The programs allow users to import condition data from other systems allowing for central access by necessary staff. They can take data from testing and use it to see changes over time with the use of reports and other program features.

Improves Preventative Maintenance Workflow

The use of a cloud-based CMMS can allow multiple users access to important condition monitoring data anywhere. This gives users a way to improve the way their monitoring program is run.  This can decrease the level of redundant tasks that are created from monitoring-based maintenance programs. It also allows the condition monitoring staff to learn more about the tasks of the maintenance team and improve working relationships because of increased understanding. This increased understanding will allow for better policies that reduce time spent on tasks and redundant checks.

Increases Efficiency with Reports

A comprehensive computerized maintenance management software will produce reports that help users make better decisions. Reports based on testing along with those referring to maintenance expenses can allow for better use of technician time. Rather than spend money on a task for good practice, you can use data to modify the timing of maintenance checks. Over time changes can be put into place to reduce preventative maintenance tasks because of improved reporting ability of the condition monitoring team. This leads to less failure over time and less spending on maintenance tasks that had previously ballooned out of control due to over vigilance.

Improved Management of Maintenance Systems

In addition to improving workflow, increasing efficiency, and placing all the information in one place, management improves from the addition of software like a CMMS for condition monitoring. Management can now easily see data from both condition monitoring and preventative maintenance teams. The ease of accessing data in one software program decreases the amount of time that they need to check-in with the various teams. This allows for management to focus on more important tasks that occur.

Overall, the primary purpose of most software is to make life easier for staff. By integrating something like a computerized maintenance management software system into a condition monitoring program it gives many more benefits than the alternative. Centralized information leads to a better understanding between decision-makers and their staff. That better understanding allows for a more efficient business and management that now has more free time to manage other systems. Overall, a boon for the business.

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