How Contamination Control is the Key to Success For Any Reliability Program

Ramy Kamal | Supervisor Condition Monitoring Engineer, Atlasco Egypt
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The presentation explores the topic of contamination control which is key to a proactive maintenance program. It defines contaminants and explains the damage caused by them in terms of chemical and physical changes to oil, as well as chemical attack or mechanical destruction of machine surfaces.

The different types of wear/fatigue are explained: two-body abrasion, three-body abrasion, adhesive, surface, erosion, chemical, and cavitation wear.

Water contamination is second to particle contamination in terms of the damage it can cause. Measures should be taken to prevent water from getting into oil. However, water contamination is inevitable to a certain degree. We will highlight how to recognize water contamination, analyze it, and remove it as quickly as possible.

Air contamination can cause considerable damage, so it is important to recognize the signs and how to prevent it. Taking measures to control entrained air helps reduce factors like foam, varnish, and cavitation, which damages lubricants and machines.

About the Presenter

Engineer Ramy Kamal working as Condition Monitoring Team Leader at Atlasco Egypt, Experienced more than 8 years in reliability & rotating machinery diagnostics services, troubleshooting and condition monitoring techniques in multinational organizations.

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About the Author

Ramy Kamal Supervisor Condition Monitoring Engineer, Atlasco Egypt

Ramy works as a Condition Monitoring Department Supervisor in Atlasco Egypt for more than 7 years. He started his career with vibration Analysis through Mobius Training CAT I which make him move in this career and became an expert in Vibration Analysis. He is also certified in Machinery Lubrication and Ultrasound. He recommends any Engineer working in rotating Equipment or fresh grade to start his own career in this field taking the advantage of MOBIUS in Learning with the Expert Instructors.