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Good Decisions Require Good Information

Perfecto Martinez | Technical Marketing Manager, Arrow

Predicting and diagnosing a machine’s health before it becomes problematic requires insights that can only come from having accurate and reliable data.

Vibration, current, and temperature all provide key insights into the health of equipment ranging from motors and pumps to bearings and encoders.

Measuring vibration provides additional insights into machine health by further isolating mechanical noise from electrical noise, improving machine diagnostics.

When monitoring bearings, keep this in mind:

  • Initial signs of wear typically create high-frequency noise that can only be detected with wide bandwidth, low noise vibration sensors, or accelerometers. Wide bandwidths enable earlier detection of initial bearing wear caused by impacts created by small fragments of metal.

When monitoring for misalignments and imbalances, keep this in mind:

  • Small changes in shaft alignment or motor frame imbalances require low noise, stable accelerometers that detect subtle mechanical shifts that can impact motor performance.

When monitoring machine tools, keep this in mind:

  • Increased vibration levels during high-speed activities such as production milling or cutting can damage critical materials and reduce precision. Wide bandwidth, low noise sensors that sense irregularities can provide real-time data for feedback and machine control.

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) is focused on delivering next-generation condition monitoring solutions that enable real-time monitoring of factory equipment.  With decades of experience in MEMS sensor development, signal processing, and packaging techniques, ADI is helping customers to solve complex problems and get the most value from their systems and processes.

This tip adapted from the technology brief found here.

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Perfecto Martinez Technical Marketing Manager, Arrow

Perfecto Martinez is Technical Marketing Manager at Arrow Electronics focusing on platforms and solutions that accelerate technology adoption and product development.  In this role, Perfecto collaborates with Analog Devices to determine key component technology to bring to Arrow’s long tail of customers in the broad market.  The primary market focus is industrial use cases where Analog Devices technology is best suited and packaging that technology into market ready platforms.  Perfecto received his Bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Texas a Austin.