Condition Based Lubrication Best Practices Improving Overall Reliability

Ahmed Moataz | Regional Manager, UE Systems Inc.
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As the most common cause of bearing failure, lubrication is serious business. For many years, this “serious business” has been conducted in a way that makes perfect sense on the surface but in fact borders on being haphazard. Relying on time-based, periodic lubrication assumes bearings need to be greased at defined time periods will lead to the risk of under and over lubrication. By using ultrasound technology along with normal practices, you can combine standard time-based maintenance with condition-based predictive maintenance, gaining in the process both a clearer picture of what’s really going on in your machines to improved availability and reliability.

Learning Takeaways:

1- To accomplish the goal of equipment optimization, it is best to know when to lubricate and when to stop applying lubricants to a bearing.

2- When we can Stop monitoring our bearings and start managing them?

3- Adding Ultrasound technology will help you a lot to get out the most of your resources and decrease downtime and increase bearing’s reliability and availability.

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About the Author

Ahmed Moataz Regional Manager, UE Systems Inc.


• Airborne/Structure borne Ultrasound ISO Category I and LEVEL I
• Airborne/Structure borne Ultrasound ISO Category II and LEVEL II
• Vibration Analyst ISO Category II and ASNT Level II – Reliability Improvement and Condition Monitoring

Education & Expertise:

• Bachelor’s degree, Mechanical Engineering
• More than 8 years’ Experience in the field of Condition Monitoring and Reliability
• Conducted more than 200 Ultrasound Technology case studies, training courses and workshops in different plants & Industries all over the Middle East Region during the last 4 years.