Cable Protections for Permanently Installed Accelerometers

Peter Eitnier | Field Application Engineer, Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies

Today, we tune in with subject matter expert, Peter Eitnier from Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies to discuss Cable Protection for Permanently Installed Accelerometers. Selecting the right cable for permanently installed accelerometers is critical to ensuring the integrity of your vibration sensor data. It’s also important to protect the cable for long service life, often in harsh environments. Today, Peter will break down how to carefully consider these factors when purchasing a sensor and cable.

Tune in for more!

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About the Author

Peter Eitnier Field Application Engineer, Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies

Peter Eitnier is a Senior Applications Engineer at Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies in Frederick, Maryland. He holds an ISO CAT II certification as a vibration analyst and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland. Since joining Wilcoxon in 2012, he has specialized in providing technical expertise to customers in a variety of applications.