Advances in Airborne and Structure-Borne Ultrasound Over Two Decades

Drew Walts | Training Manager and ISO Training Coordinator, IRISS

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Lee McClish
Lee McClish
5 years ago

Pretty good quick summary of the usefulness of ultrasonic and electrical faults.

About the Author

Drew Walts Training Manager and ISO Training Coordinator, IRISS

Drew joined IRISS in June 2017.  He is an ISO CAT 2 Airborne/Structure Borne Certified Inspector and certified in Principles of Infrared. His responsibilities include developing IRISS’s Ultrasound & Infrared CAT 1 & 2 Certification Training courses in accordance with ISO 18436, part 7 & 8 and the CAT 1 ASU course was recently approved and adopted by Mobius.

Drew has assisted in the development of a Quality Assurance program for calibration and testing of ultrasound devices sold by IRISS.  He oversees a cross-functional repair team to insure rapid repairs of ultrasound devices from our clients.

Drew provides customer training for the Level 1 & 2 Infrared (IR) Certification courses and for the Windows Installer Certification course. He is working on insuring both sets of IR course material will pass the BiNDT audit process so IRISS can ultimately offer ISO 18436, part 7, IR classes and eventually, part 8 certification courses at the IRISS US and UK SMART Training Centers.

Drew is a Desert Storm veteran whose first exposure with IR was in the US Army where it was used to spot targets to call for artillery strikes. He quickly became fascinated with its use after his time in the military.

Drew is a former lieutenant at a volunteer fire department with 9 years’ service as well as a New York State HAZ-MAT Specialist with Saratoga County & NY State Region 4 HAZ-MAT Team. He was certified through L.E.T.A. (Law Enforcement Thermographers Association) and was responsible for teaching this exciting technology to the members of my department.

Drew worked for an ultrasound manufacturer for over 13 years traveling the world teaching the use of Ultrasound in a CBM, RCM & P/DM programs. Drew is passionate about this technology and how much it compliments IR, MCA and Vibration.