Why Motion Amplification

Luca Del Nero | Managing Director, DarkWave Thermo
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Webinar Description:
It is sometimes difficult to find the real motivation to intensively apply the new Motion Amplification technology to machines and production lines. This presentation wants to answer a simple question: why the Motion Amplification technology can improve the quality of a vibration inspection and how much it can push the limit forward.

About the Presenter:
Luca Del Nero, 53 yo, Aeronautical Engineer, founder of DarkWave Thermo, is certified Cat. IV vibration analyst, Cat. III infrared thermography analyst and has spent last 11 years teaching IR thermography around the globe, mainly in Europe and GCC. He has more than 25 years experience in reliability and condition based maintenance, in almost all possible fields of application, from food, to oil & gas, from chemical to nuclear.

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About the Author

Luca Del Nero Managing Director, DarkWave Thermo

Luca co-founded and is the Managing Direcotr of DarkWave Thermo, an infrared and vibration analysis service company for industrial and building applications. Since 2010, Luca has been an ITC International Trainer and Partner, providing training in Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, and more! Luca also works closely with IMC Service as their International Activity General Manager, covering all activities for special automation IR system design and development as well as special inspections mainly in the Oil and Gas industry.