Why Do Bearings Fail?

Mina Soliman | Regional Technical Consultant, Noria Corporation
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Vibration Monitoring is the most commonly used condition monitoring method for rotating machines. Since resources are limited and we have a variety of Vibration Monitoring techniques, we have to ensure that our selection of VM technique is justifiable, hence it’s required to follow a systematic procedures which are structured based on reasonably agreed criteria.

Learning Takeaways:

1- Understanding different methods of Vibration Monitoring and Sensor Mounting techniques.

2- Understanding FMECA

3- Understanding How to implement FMECA to apply a justifiable VM technique

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About the Author

Mina Soliman Regional Technical Consultant, Noria Corporation

Mina is considered one of the top transformational engineers with foresight and imagination in Egypt and the Middle East. He has helped many clients and plant to achieve reliability and maintenance goals, though lubrication excellence and other tools for industry 4.0 and Inspection 2.0 world class strategies, utilizing all the tools for that including Vibration Analysis, Thermography, Oil Analysis, among many other tools and techniques to increase asset reliability and decrease cost of maintenance and operation.