10 Minute Talk  

Updates on AI and Machine Learning in Predictive Maintenance

Alexandra Gunderson | Co-founder and CEO, idenifai
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Udayan Chakravarty
9 months ago

Nice presentation. Another paradigm shift for Machine Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance through wireless sensors. Huge reduction of cable cost is perhaps the biggest advantage

About the Author

Alexandra Gunderson Co-founder and CEO, idenifai

Alexandra Gunderson is the co-founder and CEO of identifai. Identifai develops software for large industrial operators to help them improve their operations, with solutions for energy management and optimization for metal manufacturers. Prior to founding identifai, Alexandra worked as a mechanical engineer in the energy sector before transitioning to a career in data science, where she discovered a passion for building tools that empower engineers and operators to make data-driven decisions. Outside of work, Alexandra leads the Oslo chapter of Women in Data Science, a community with over 800 members, hosting regular events and promoting the importance of diversity in the field of data science.”