The Gear Necessities – Why You Should Be Using Condition Based Monitoring

Bernie Hall | Owner, Checkfluid
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Webinar Description

Gearbox maintenance is often based on a fixed schedule or run to failure. Under these two factors maintenance can be costly & wasteful and often occurs too early or too late. The solution to these efforts is condition-based monitoring — a maintenance approach based on monitoring and reacting to the condition of the equipment, with the goal of remedying possible failures well before they lead to equipment shutdowns. Oil analysis among other technologies provides one of the earliest indicators of pending equipment failure. Approach maintenance smarter, discover solutions that can save you time and money based on reacting to the condition of the fluid in your gearbox. Learn how to implement a condition-based oil sampling program on your gearboxes. Gain a better understanding of your gearbox health, and learn about the benefits you could see by switching your maintenance approach.

Learning Takeaways

• The advantages of condition-based monitoring
• That oil samples are the leading indicator of equipment status
• How you can integrate sampling & condition-based monitoring tools together
• The importance of system cleanliness
• That OEMs often provide sampling valves installation options on new equipment

About the Presenter

Bernie Hall is the general manager at Checkfluid. Checkfluid is a manufacturer of sampling valves, accessories, and mounting hardware that provides a safe, accurate, and reliable way of sampling for fluid analysis. Bernie has more than 40 years of experience in the valve, coupling, and automation industry. He has spent the last 17 years helping customers monitor equipment through designing sampling products such as the pushbutton valve.

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About the Author

Bernie Hall Owner, Checkfluid

Bernie Hall is an owner of Checkfluid and a science graduate of the University of Western Ontario. He also attended the University of Toronto and the MBA program at BGSU in Ohio. Bernie has developed several patents relating to oil sampling valves and equipment. Checkfluid started in 2001, sells to over 60 countries worldwide.