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Successful PdM Saves Facility Time & Money

Bill Kruger
Bill Kruger | Training Technical Manager, ALL-TEST Pro

Successful PdM Saves Facility Time & Money

A work order was issued by a waste water treatment plant technician requesting electrical support due to a failed floating agitator. The breaker had tripped and the mixer is a necessary asset in the treatment process. When two craftsmen investigated, they found that two wire nuts/splices in the termination box had burned and it was determined that the motor suffered a winding fault using the standard test practices for the field. Preparations were discussed to utilize contractors in the removal of the platform, disassembly of the unit and to repair the set as needed.

Condition As Found

  • Tripped breaker that would not
  • Burned/open terminations and winding
  • Standard procedure is to replace failed equipment

On their own accord, the craftsman requested that the AT5™ be employed before such a costly repair commence. Preliminary tests reported diminished insulation properties for the cabling between the MCC and the motor. A test performed at the motor itself returned a favorable result, showing that the motor was in fact not failed and could remain in service.

Current Testing Results

  • MCA™ Deenergized
  • Additional developing fault identified.
  • Although affected by temp, motor receives a passing

Termination repairs were made and the motor was tested for operation and returned to service.

The motor cooling fan shroud was found to be completely full of debris which contributed to high temps and termination failure. This was cleaned resulting in much cooler motor temps. For reference, the last repair (bearings/impeller) for this type of asset was $6266 and the last motor rewind was $8600.

Also, there is no spare available in their stores.

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Bill Kruger
Bill Kruger Training Technical Manager, ALL-TEST Pro

William Kruger joined ALL-TEST Pro, LLC as the Technical Manager in 2005. Since joining ATP, Bill has traveled the world teaching the Theory and Application of Motor Diagnostics, helping Fortune 500 Companies implement Predictive Maintenance Programs. In 2010 Bill’s proven instructional techniques earned him the new title of Training Technical Manager.

Before joining ALL-TEST Pro, LLC Bill Kruger worked in many different aspects of the Engineering and Maintenance Fields. Bill worked as an Electrician in the US Navy Nuclear Submarine Program. He has completed the Journeyman Electrician Program and started one of the first Predictive Maintenance Programs in the Utility Industry. Bill Kruger holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from San Diego University.

With his combined work in the field as well as with ALL-TEST Pro, Bill has over 40 years of proven experience in the practical engineering and predictive maintenance field.