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Proper Database Setup Makes Identifying a Bad Bearing a Straight Forward Process

Scott Dow | Training Manager, SPM Instrument

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Nishanthan Senkuttuvan

The enveloped signals are impact signals,is fundamental frequency harmonics also observed in demodulation spectrum?

Pablo Rosario
Pablo Rosario
4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Dow

In a Eveloping Spectrum, is it the presence of 2x Line Freq. an indication of a electrical/mechanical problem?, even though it being at very low Amplitudes? (Global: 0,381 gE / Highest peak: 0,14 gE). Or is it normal to see a 2X Line freq. if there´s no other predominant impact freq in the system analyzed?

About the Author

Scott Dow Training Manager, SPM Instrument

A mechanical engineer by trade, Scott Dow has been working in the vibration world for over 25 years. During that time, he has worked extensively as a field analyst and as a trainer, teaching formal classes and also mentoring clients individually and in small groups. During the mid-90s, Scott developed an innovative training method based on recreating interesting and educational case studies he had encountered. Students would receive the actual data to analyze and were free to request any field tests they thought would help them diagnose the problem. Originally called InterActive Training when it was introduced, the cases have recently been updated and the classes are now being offered by Mobius as Analyst Flight School.

Scott currently owns his own business, CBM Consultants. When he is not conducting classes, he continues to mentor both individuals and small groups with either on-site or remote support for database setup, building analysis skills, field testing and more.