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Monitoring the Machine Condition Lifecycle

Perfecto Martinez | Technical Marketing Manager, Arrow
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Sandor Mercz
Sandor Mercz
3 years ago

Buen día Señores.
La presentación de los webinarios son muy buenos. Pero, los tienen en idioma español. Cuál es el enlace.

About the Author

Perfecto Martinez Technical Marketing Manager, Arrow

Perfecto Martinez is Technical Marketing Manager at Arrow Electronics focusing on platforms and solutions that accelerate technology adoption and product development.  In this role, Perfecto collaborates with Analog Devices to determine key component technology to bring to Arrow’s long tail of customers in the broad market.  The primary market focus is industrial use cases where Analog Devices technology is best suited and packaging that technology into market ready platforms.  Perfecto received his Bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Texas a Austin.