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Monitoring Failure Mechanisms

Ray Garvey | Engineer & Founder, Innovative Transition LLC
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Module 1 Monitoring Failure Mechanism
Unit 1 Abrasion Failure Mechanisms
Unit 2 Corrosion Failure Mechanism
Unit 3 Fatigue Failure Mechanism
Unit 4 Adhesion Failure Mechanism
Unit 5 Cavitation Failure Mechanism
Unit 6 Erosion Failure Mechanism
Unit 7 Electrical Discharge Failure
Unit 8 Deposition Failure Mechanism
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About the Author

Ray Garvey Engineer & Founder, Innovative Transition LLC

Ray is an engineer and inventor named on 20+ US patents associated with machine condition monitoring with oil, infrared, and vibration analysis.  Ray received his BS Degree from West Point and MS degree from the University of Tennessee.  His professional certifications have included Professional Engineer (PE), Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS), and US Army Engineer (LTC).  Ray worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers (25 years), US DOE Uranium Gas Centrifuge Program (11 years), Emerson Process Management (25 years), and Innovative Transition LLC (4 years).