Machine Sentry, Making Condition Monitoring Easy

Oliver Pogmore | Sales Director, AVT Reliability Ltd

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About the Author

Oliver Pogmore Sales Director, AVT Reliability Ltd

Oliver Pogmore followed his passion for engineering into Sheffield Hallam University, successfully completing a BEng Aerospace Engineering course. During this course he spent a year in the Aerospace industry working on aircraft wheel and brakes for a FTSE100 company. Following this he was employed onto to Innovation Team at AESSEAL plc to be mentored into the business/engineering world by our Group Managing Director.

After learning much about our group’s products, intellectual property and business improvement processes he was seconded over to AVT Reliability® towards the end of 2016. After spending time working on the business he moved into a more sales driven role focussed around the Machine Sentry® suite of products and solutions. Now, Sales Director, his prime focus is to ensure the successful expansion of what is considered one of the best Condition Maintenance tools on the market.