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Lubrication: The All-Important Blood of Your Machines

Geoff Manley | General Manager, Lubrication Engineers Pty Ltd

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About the Author

Geoff Manley General Manager, Lubrication Engineers Pty Ltd

Geoff Manley is a long term maintenance practitioner, having been involved in the effective management of lubrication for the past 26 years, firstly with Pall Corporation and now as the General Manager of Lubrication Engineers Pty Ltd. His industrial experience covers nearly all industries, including metals processing, hard and soft rock mining, minerals processing and power generation. As a well respected technical leader in the lubrication maintenance field, Geoff has provided training to 1,000\’s of industry employees across the country. Geoff is ICML accredited both as a MLA 1/2 and an MLT 1/2 and has written a number of technical papers over the past 20 years.