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How to Implement Your PDM Program

Eslam Abdelmohsen | HOS, Bibliotheca Alexandrina

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About the Author

Eslam Abdelmohsen HOS, Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Eslam began working in reliability engineering in the 2008’s. He received his bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Alexandria at Egypt in 2003. He joined EGYPTIAN European Company as a electro mechanical on October 1, 2003, Free zone Egypt, where he served in Reliability and Maintenance roles for 2 years. He joined Hamza associates in 2005 as electro mechanical engineer and then joined engineering team in bibliotheca Alexandrina at June 2006. His responsibilities as head of reliability to predictive section in implementing predictive maintenance program to transfer the maintenance philosophy of bibliotheca from preventive to predictive maintenance. They have made a very good improvement in the reliability of the equipment as well as supervising and mentoring reliability trainees. They have managed to implement multiple techniques in the program which include vibration, power quality, thermography, laser alignment, balancing and HVHA test & balance.