How Can You Benefit from HD Technologies?

Ron Kittle | Managing Director, SPM Instrument Inc
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Komani Mhango
Komani Mhango
5 years ago

I am trying to find out how much I can be paying in instalments for CBM online courses. I am not financially fit to go and attend a course but through online I can manage by paying little by little. I have the burning desire to learn through online . Advise please because I am earning a little and to meet other demands I am facing challenges and I have tried to apply for scholarship to Mobius and nothing achieved hence opted to ask for online and pay instalments.

About the Author

Ron Kittle Managing Director, SPM Instrument Inc

Ron has over 20 years of experience in the maintenance and reliability fields, primarily focusing on condition monitoring products related to vibration analysis across many industries. Ron has extensive experience in wireless and on-line condition monitoring systems, and his most recent work has been in the wind energy, steel, and mining industries. Ron’s career started in the US Army where he spent time as a Combat Vehicle Mechanic. Ron is Managing Director for SPM Instrument Inc. USA, a global leader in condition monitoring that exclusively develops and markets all the advanced technologies to measure, analyze and present condition data from complex machinery.