SPM Academy – Condition Monitoring – Analyst Training

Paige Haddy | Manager, MI TEST

Analyst Training – Routine Measurement of Rotating Machines

Duration: 3 days focusing on portable instruments + 2 days focusing on online systems

Certification requirement: 12 months experience of using shock pulse and vibration techniques, and passing the final exam.

Language: English [presentations, literature and examination]

Summary of topics
  • Transducers: Types of transducers used in different environments for various techniques.
  • Signals: Understanding signal processing from transducer to measuring system.
  • SPM HD: Deeper knowledge about time signals and spectrum analysis.
  • Measuring techniques: FRF, Cepstrum, Live phase, long time recording etc.
  • Processing of data: Using filters and triggers.
  • Analysis: Using advanced tools for evaluation in Condmaster.
  • Online system: Intellinova, Linx and FSS, understanding and using IntelliLogic.
  • Measurements: Practical session with online and offline systems.

More Information on SPM Academy

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