SPM Academy – ISO II – Category II – Intermediate Vibration Analysis Course

Paige Haddy | Manager, MI TEST

The key course for practicing vibration analysts

Duration: 5 days, Having successfully completed the course you will be eligible to take the certification exam [optional]

Certification requirement: Passing the certification exam, 18 months experience

Language: English (presentations, literature, and examination)

Summary of topics
  • Fundamentals: Quick review [just in case you have forgotten anything]
  • Signals: Learn where sidebands, harmonics, and beating come from
  • Data processing: The FFT, averaging, windowing, resolution, Fmax.
  • Data collection: Transducer types, mounting methods, mounting locations, recognising and avoiding measurement errors.
  • Spectrum analysis: Forcing frequencies, the analysis process, harmonics and sidebands, setting alarm limits.
  • Advanced analysis: Time waveform, phase and envelope analysis.
  • Diagnosing faults: Unbalance, misalignment, bearing faults, looseness, resonance, and many other fault conditions.
  • Testing methods: Introduction to bump tests, Bode plots, and ODS.
  • Correction: Balancing and alignment.

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