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CM Basics: Calculating F-MAX

Brian Shanovich | Midwest Sales Manager, ACOEM

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Dorji Phuntsho
Dorji Phuntsho
5 years ago

sir, when we take he speed of the gear wheel if the gear box is 5 reduction stage gear how we can set F-Max for 2 to 5 gear. For first gear speed will be the motor speed but from second gear should we consider the same motor speed of should take the rpm of particular gear.

Tim Sorensen
5 years ago
Reply to  Dorji Phuntsho

Good morning Dorji. The short video clip you are referencing is correct in its statements concerning the calculation of Fmax. However, if you are using one of our systems (Hawk, Falcon, or SMC) the criteria for setting this “Frequency Maximum” is different. As was stated in the video the “rule of thumb” for setting Fmax is 70 times run speed of a motor. The reason for this is two-fold when manually analyzing the data. First, since bearing defect frequencies are different for each bearing type and number, based on their geometric construction, we need to assure enough defect frequencies are… Read more »

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Brian Shanovich Midwest Sales Manager, ACOEM

Brian Shanovich has over 26 years’ experience in reliability and proactive maintenance, including infrared and ultrasonic technologies, as well as vibration analysis and both geometric and shaft alignments. His specializes in the industries of pulp and paper, wind energy, and general machinery.