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Stator Mechanical Faults Using Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA)

Bill Kruger
Bill Kruger | Training Technical Manager, ALL-TEST Pro

Stator Mechanical Faults Using Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA)

A stator mechanical fault is created when the stator core becomes loose within the motor frame, or if the windings are loose between the stator slots. A loose stator core or winding over a period of time will cause a breakdown in either the winding insulation system or insulation system to ground. Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) evaluates the current and voltage spectrums using a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), which converts the time waveform to a frequency spectrum. The FFT highlights amplitudes and frequencies identifying mechanical faults such as problems with the stator.

When there are peaks at the same frequency in the current and voltage spectrums, they are related to the incoming power. When there are peaks only in the current and not the voltage, then the fault is coming from either the motor or the driven load. In the ESA example above a stator mechanical problem is indicated by line frequency sidebands of running speed multiplied by the number of stator slots. The red arrows identify stator mechanical frequency peaks in the current spectrum and not in the voltage.

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Radhakrishnan CG

does the same apply to generators also?

Bill Kruger

No this is true for AC 3 phase motors.

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Bill Kruger
Bill Kruger Training Technical Manager, ALL-TEST Pro

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