Road Map to Better Oil Sampling

Bernie Hall | Owner, Checkfluid
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A world-class oil analysis program starts with good practices and procedures to extract the most representative oil sample. The resulting data from a representative oil sample will hold useful information on the health of the equipment. That information will give teams the information needed to maximize reliability, reduce unplanned downtime and eliminate catastrophic failures.

Dedicated sampling valves are the best way to get that reliable oil sample. But many companies don’t know where to start when it comes to upgrading their oil sampling to sampling valve.

The journey to better sampling is possible. Let’s get started on your roadmap to better sampling.

Learning Takeaways:

1. Why you should look at installing condition-based monitoring tools whenever possible
2. What sampling valves or condition-based monitoring tools will work for your equipment
3. How employee training will set you up for program success


Bernie Hall is the general manager at Checkfluid. Checkfluid is a manufacturer of sampling valves, accessories, and mounting hardware that provides a safe, accurate, and reliable way of sampling for fluid analysis. Bernie has more than 40 years of experience in the valve, coupling, and automation industry. He has spent the last 17 years helping customers monitor equipment through designing sampling products such as the pushbutton valve.

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About the Author

Bernie Hall Owner, Checkfluid

Bernie Hall is an owner of Checkfluid and a science graduate of the University of Western Ontario. He also attended the University of Toronto and the MBA program at BGSU in Ohio. Bernie has developed several patents relating to oil sampling valves and equipment. Checkfluid started in 2001, sells to over 60 countries worldwide.