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Bernie Hall | Owner, Checkfluid
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The information in your oil analysis report is dependent on the sample submitted. A typical sample of 60 mL often represents a volume 1000 times or more. This 60 mL sample contains critical information such as oil condition, contaminants, and wear debris. If the sample is missing important data, your analysis may be inaccurate.

The way the oil sample is pulled can often negatively impact the information contained in the oil sample. Taking a proper sample seems simple, but many companies still engaged in less than best sampling practices – either in their sampling method or practices

Join us in discovering the keys to retrieving reliable oil samples.

Learning Takeaways:

  1. What is a reliable oil sample?
  2. How do I get reliable oil samples?
  3. What are some other benefits of installing sampling valves on my equipment?
  4. What sampling valves are best for different kinds of equipment?


Bernie Hall is the general manager at Checkfluid. Checkfluid is a manufacturer of sampling valves, accessories, and mounting hardware that provides a safe, accurate, and reliable way of sampling for fluid analysis. Bernie has more than 40 years of experience in the valve, coupling, and automation industry. He has spent the last 17 years helping customers monitor equipment through designing sampling products such as the pushbutton valve.

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About the Author

Bernie Hall Owner, Checkfluid

Bernie Hall is an owner of Checkfluid and a science graduate of the University of Western Ontario. He also attended the University of Toronto and the MBA program at BGSU in Ohio. Bernie has developed several patents relating to oil sampling valves and equipment. Checkfluid started in 2001, sells to over 60 countries worldwide.