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Mobius Institute Launches Asset Reliability Practitioner (ARP) Category I-III Training and Accredited Certification Worldwide

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Mobius Institute launches plant reliability and performance improvement training and certification to 50 countries that is ISO 17024 accredited, following ISO 18436 and mapped to ISO 55000. Bainbridge Island, WA – May 16, 2018 – Mobius Institute, the premier provider of reliability improvement, condition monitoring and vibration analysis training & certification today announced the launch of its new Asset Reliability Practitioner (ARP) training and certification program for industrial professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge and recognition in-plant reliability and performance improvement. The program provides training and certification for the Reliability Program Leader (Category III), the Reliability Engineer (Category II) and the Reliability Advocate (Category I). The ARP certification process, governed by the Mobius Institute Board of Certification (MIBoC), follows ISO/IEC 17024, the scheme is modelled on ISO 18436, and the subjects covered are mapped to ISO 55000. In addition to recognizing three levels of knowledge and contribution, MIBoC provides for recognition of those Reliability Program Leaders (Category IIIx) and Reliability Engineers (Category IIx) who have “proven” experience and competence. The certification scheme audits and independently verifies the competence of the candidates, and also completes a thorough interview to ensure that only those who have achieved the highest levels in the field of reliability improvement are recognized with this unique form of certification. “We have worked hard to develop an independent certification scheme that recognizes both knowledge and experience at three levels of contribution,” said Jason Tranter, CEO, and founder of Mobius Institute. “Combined with our engaging in-person and online training we are sure that people and organizations that seek greater reliability and performance will benefit from this new program. As an organization that has proudly trained and certified people in over 170 countries, we know the ARP program will help people all over the world.” To learn more about the Asset Reliability Practitioner Category I-III training and certification program, visit

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Mobius Institute is a worldwide provider of reliability improvement, condition monitoring and precision maintenance education to industrial plant managers, reliability engineers and condition monitoring specialists, allowing plants to be successful in implementing reliability improvement and condition monitoring programs. Mobius delivers training via public, in-plant and online education programs. Mobius’ key advantage is its unique training style that uses innovative 3D animations and software simulations, making complex topics easier to understand. More than 26,000 industrial professionals from 177 countries have been classroom trained since 2005, and thousands more through its e-Learning products. Mobius Institute Board of Certification is an ISO/IEC 17024 and ISO 18436-1 accredited certification body that provides globally recognized certification to reliability professionals’, vibration analysts, ultrasound analysts and thermal imaging specialists. Additionally, Mobius furthers condition monitoring professional’s knowledge of vibration analysis and condition monitoring technologies by hosting the International Machine Vibration Analysis and Condition Monitoring (IMVAC) conferences in Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States. Mobius Institute has offices in Australia, Belgium, Costa Rica and the United States, and authorized training centers in over 50 countries. For more information, call (615) 216-4811 (GMT -5), or email or visit

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