Job Details

Condition Monitoring Technician

Kim Fuger | MOBIUS CONNECT Manager, Mobius Institute

Location: Birmingham

Since 2004, I-care is the international leader in Predictive Maintenance and Reliability Engineering. With headquarters in Belgium and over 15 subsidiaries in Europe, the US ( Houston, Knoxville) and Asia, our team of 300+ engineers can service customers anywhere in the world. We offer a wide range of high added value products, training and services to predict, advice and accompany its industrial customers in optimizing maintenance plans, asset reliability and production availability at controlled costs by reducing the risk of unplanned shutdowns. Therefor we use our Predictive Maintenance expertise (Vibration, Oil, Infrared, Ultrasound analysis, etc) as well as Reliability Engineering techniques, from criticality and failure mode analysis to spare parts optimization through planning and scheduling and a lot more. Our R&D department developed the wireless sensors Wi-Care and the data portal I-See, cutting edge technology for Maintenance 4.0. Our continuous growth is resulting in the further expansion of our team in the USA in North Alabama with a Condition Monitoring Technician.


You will become responsible for providing condition monitoring services, after being trained in the proper techniques of condition monitoring data collection. You will also be capable and required to do visual equipment inspections.

  • You perform Condition Monitoring data collection of equipment.
  • You perform program setup activities such as equipment walk down and information gathering.
  • Communication to the clients regarding visual observations and safety problems.
  • You will be responsible for the overall safety awareness of the work environment by ensuring compliance with I-care, client, OSHA, and other applicable standards.
  • You actively participate in I-Care and client safety programs to foster continuous improvement.


EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION: High school graduate, or equivalent. College Graduate preferred in technology or engineering field. ASNT-TC1A or ASNT-CP189 obtained or working towards Level 1, or ISO Category 1, or industry equivalent.


Basic machinery fundamentals including: pumps, motors, gearboxes, blowers, compressors, switchgear, etc. Basic knowledge of general mechanical fundamentals, such as fits and tolerances. Trained in routine data acquisition techniques utilizing Vibration Analyzers, Ultrasound.

Basic electrical fundamentals including: switchgear, fuses, disconnects, cable, torqueing of fasteners, transformers, etc. Trained in routine data acquisition techniques utilizing Infrared Cameras, Ultrasound, Motor Testing Equipment.

EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: 1 or more years of direct related experience in a mechanical or electrical trade or apprenticeship, or equivalent education from tech or trade school.


  • Good communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Proficient computer skills( Windows, Word, and Excel).
  •  Solid analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  •  Able to work well independently.