How CONNECT Works?

Welcome to the home of condition monitoring; CBM CONNECT!

The site is designed to provide you with educational articles, videos, and podcasts. Condition monitoring, and reliability improvement through precision alignment, balancing, and lubrication, are very important but also technically challenging. It is essential that you can develop your knowledge and skills to be successful in your role.

You can engage with CBM CONNECT however you like. Pop-in from time to time to solve a problem or subscribe and you will be reminded when new material is added to the site.

CBM CONNECT is focused. If you are only interested in vibration analysis and ultrasound, for example, you can select your preference and you won’t see anything from the other technologies (you can change at any time).

CBM CONNECT respects your time and learning preferences. If you are in a rush, enjoy our Two Minute Tips, Five Minute Facts, or Nine Minutes of Knowledge videos. When you have time, and the need, enjoy our longer articles and videos. Click on EDUCATION above to see all the options.

CBM CONNECT allows you to contribute. You can write articles, comment on videos, answer your fellow practitioners’ questions, and much more. Everyone can learn and share.

And if you like what you see now, just wait until you see what’s coming!!

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Otherwise, click around and enjoy CBM CONNECT.