Find It and Fix It Before It Fails – A Maintenance Strategy for Electrical Systems

Martin Robinson
Martin Robinson | President, IRISS Inc.

Title:  Find It and Fix It Before It Fails – A Maintenance Strategy for Electrical Systems

Date:  Tuesday, February 5

Time:  1:00 PM EST


Time-based, open-panel electrical inspections are costly to a company and dangerous to the personnel conducting the inspection.  Companies are adopting condition based maintenance strategies to overcome the anticipated shortage of skilled tradesmen in the future.  75% of qualified electricians are over the age of 45 and 35% are over the age of 55, and as retirement approaches, companies are struggling to backfill these positions.  A condition based maintenance program utilizing the latest technologies ensures that critical data can be easily and routinely collected in a safe, economical and effective manner by personnel at any skill level.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Modern Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) programs train new engineers and skilled labor in asset reliability and in using the latest technologies that can find a problem with an electrical asset and fix it before it fails.
  • As electrical systems become more complex, companies are searching for cost-effective strategies to improve uptime and avoid unnecessary downtime and potential loss of revenue.
  • Products and services exist to safely and routinely inspect energized electrical components without having to schedule a shutdown and have personnel dress in PPE.
  • These products and services help companies comply with the latest safety regulations such as NFPA 70E 2018.

Speaker:  Martin Robinson, CRL, CMRP, CEO of IRISS

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About the Author

Martin Robinson
Martin Robinson President, IRISS Inc.

For over 30 years, Martin Robinson has been a pioneer in the field of condition based maintenance technology.  He spent 18 years in the British Army specializing in field maintenance of combat fleet vehicles.  Mr. Robinson continues to be an innovator and pioneer the technological benefits of Infrared Thermography internationally.  He has met with, consulted, or advised international maintenance and reliability leaders on electrical preventive maintenance (EPM) and electrical safety standards of NFPA and OSHA.  A recognized authority in the field of Infrared (IR) Thermography, Mr. Robinson has designed CBM programs to include IR, Non-destructive Testing (NDT) and implementation of green energy initiatives and energy management strategies.

Martin holds a NEBOSH certificate in Occupational Safety and Health, a Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer and is also a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) through the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP).  He is also a member of IEEE, NFPA and is a standing member on the technical committee CSA Z463 guidelines on maintenance of electrical systems and a member of the IEEE P1854 working group (Recommended Practice for Electrical System Design Techniques to Improve Electrical Safety).