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Extending Breather Life

Mark Barnes | Vice President, Des-Case

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    Extending Breather Life

    Another common question is how can I get my breather to last longer? If I install it in a specific application, is there anything I can do to actually make that breather last longer and not get spent so quickly? One simple thing you can do is make sure that breather is mounted in a location where it’s not exposed to direct humidity or direct moisture. And while that’s not always possible, in some applications like inside a machine hood, or on a paper machine, or right next to a steam turbine, we can relocate the breather to a point where it’s not bathed in steam or bathed in moisture. So if you do have a drier area of the plant, somewhere where there’s not such a high relative humidity, you can always port out the breather to some remote location. Because we’re not talking about liquid flow, we’re talking about gas flow, it really doesn’t matter how far you port that breather out. You can run that line 30, 40, or 50 feet, and the breather will still be effective. Just make sure you know the flow rate requirements for the machine, and match that with the CFM rating on the breather—and again, you can remote-mount that breather—it should make the breather last a lot longer, which means you won’t change them out quite as frequently.

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Mark Barnes Vice President, Des-Case

Mark Barnes serves as Vice President of the Des-Case Reliability Services team. In this role, Mark and his team of lubrication experts help educate end-users on the value of precision lubrication to asset reliability and provide support to help asset intensive company’s change the way they perform lubrication.