Evaluating Mechanical Systems with Electrical and Current Signature Analysis and the Impact of Incoming Power

Howard Penrose | President, MotorDoc LLC
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Webinar Description:
Expert electrical and current signature analysis technology can detect complete motor-driven, generator and transformer systems, including incoming power based on simple, straight-forward rules including the impact of incoming power on driven equipment. In this presentation we will cover the ability of rules-based ESA/MCSA in detecting mechanical system degradation and the relationship with power conditions. Real-world examples of incoming power and its impact on fans, pumps, gearboxes, system bearings, and variable frequency drives will be discussed. In this in-the-field set of case studies we will demonstrate the simplicity of detecting mechanical faults throughout electrically-connected systems along with several corrective solutions applied and their impact. Rules-based ESA/MCSA systems provide immediate detection of electrical system and mechanical health without training periods and with a very high degree of accuracy on the first set of data collected regardless of load or speed in continuous or data collection applications.

Learning Takeaways:
1. ESA and MCSA detection of mechanical system
2. Power system impact on mechanical systems
3. The importance of rules-based IoT and data collection

About the Presenter:
Howard W Penrose, Ph.D., CMRP is president of the Veteran Owned Small Business, MotorDoc® LLC, the chair standards development American Clean Power, past chair SMRP, past chair Chicago Section IEEE, IEEE standards committee(s) active member, 5-time recipient of the UAW-GM People Make Quality Happen Award, leading researcher ESA/MCSA applications, design team GM hybrid Tahoe and Volt, John Deere 644 and 944 Construction Tractors, electric machine repair/rewind journeyman (NEC 4619/4621), SMRP and ACP government affairs team workforce, smart grid, cybersecurity, infrastructure.


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