Electrical and Current Signature Analysis of Electric Motors and Gearboxes

Howard Penrose | President, MotorDoc LLC
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Webinar Description:

In this live webinar, we will go beyond the usual discussions of electric motors and rotor bar issues generally associated with current signature analysis. Electrical signature analysis (ESA) technology is used to review incoming power quality and the machine through the entire powertrain, with the ability to troubleshoot and trend electrical and mechanical defects as well as identify the energy consumption impact of maintenance actions. In this presentation, we will discuss how ESA is used to evaluate electric motors, couplings and gearboxes of several types including speed reducers, increasers and cooling tower boxes.

Learning Takeaways:

  1. Definitions related to ESA and MCSA, and how voltage, current and power signatures are analyzed
  2. How electrical and mechanical conditions are calculated in ESA and MCSA
  3. How gearbox components are calculated and analyzed
  4. How these can be evaluated with either MCSA-only devices (some vibration analyzers) and a variety of commercially available ESA devices

About the Presenter:

Howard Penrose is the president of MotorDoc LLC and immediate past chair of SMRP. He has over 35 years in the electric machinery, testing and electrical reliability and energy industries and over 25 years in electrical and current signature analysis field. Dr. Penrose has developed methodologies for evaluating specialty issues in electric motors and generators as well as complete powertrain with ESA/MCSA and is known for specialty analysis of industrial machinery and electrical systems. Dr. Penrose presently chairs the SMRP Government Relations Smart Grid, Critical Infrastructure and Cybersecurity sub-committee and supports Federal, NIST and Department of Commerce and legislative work in these areas that impact commercial/industrial reliability.

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About the Author

Howard Penrose President, MotorDoc LLC

Howard is the President of MotorDoc® LLC and the 2018 Chair of SMRP. He has over 35 years of electric motor testing, repair and design experience, starting with a US Navy motor repair job to advanced electric machinery design. Howard is also involved in legislation with the US Government regarding Cyber Security, Infrastructure, Energy, SmartGrid Education and Safety.