Monitoring Failure Mechanisms

Kim Fuger | MOBIUS CONNECT Manager, Mobius Institute

This course explains common failure mechanisms, types of equipment to which each applies, and recommends non-intrusive monitoring techniques to discover components in various stages of progressive failure.

Learning Takeaways

Common failure mechanisms for mechanical and electrical equipment including abrasion, corrosion, fatigue, adhesion, cavitation, erosion, electrical discharge and deposition.

Example equipment types, contributing factors, and proactive measures to avoid or limit damaging effects for each mechanism.

Preferred measurement techniques monitoring condition of the several mechanisms.

Module 1 Monitoring Failure Mechanism
Unit 1 Abrasion Failure Mechanisms
Unit 2 Corrosion Failure Mechanism
Unit 3 Fatigue Failure Mechanism
Unit 4 Adhesion Failure Mechanism
Unit 5 Cavitation Failure Mechanism
Unit 6 Erosion Failure Mechanism
Unit 7 Electrical Discharge Failure
Unit 8 Deposition Failure Mechanism

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