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The Little Black Book of Reliability Management

Daniel T. Daley | Project Manager, Maintenance and Reliability Consulting

The Little Black Book of Reliability Management provides the reader with a fresh but comprehensive perspective on the subject of reliability management. It challenges the reader to consider “what he has a right to expect” based on his current reliability programs. And it describes the programs and discipline needed if the reader desires the “right to expect” a higher level of reliability performance. This unique resource is perfect for individuals working in plants and in other organizations that are dependent on the reliability of complex physical assets.


  • Provides much of the information needed to organize a reliability program at a company or in a plant that does not currently have one.
  • Features a simple description of a number of reliability subjects and techniques in a mannerthat readers can easily understand.
  • Describes the data that must be collected and the analysis that should be done at each phase during the lifecycle of a physical asset.
  • Starts the user down the path of collecting data, mapping failures to causes and implementing the elements of a comprehensive reliability program in an order that best serves his needs.
  • Devotes a chapter to pattern recognition and identification of the relationships between identified patterns and failures.
  • Provides real-life examples.
  • Contains examples of documents and spreadsheets needed to apply recommendations at the readers own plants and shops.

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